Machines and Special Tools Construction Plant is main contractor of tools, appliances and gauges for production in Mesko SA Metal Works Group.

We offer implementation of:

  • tool blocks:
    • punches,
    • dies,
    • trimming dies,
  • tools for metal working:
    • molds,
    • punches,
  • molds for die casting,
  • injection molds for plastic and rubber,
  • special cutting tools:
    • drills,
    • reamers,
    • screw taps,
    • dies,
    • shaped blades,
    • special blades,
    • thread rollers,
  • gauges::
    • plug gauges, bore gauges,
    • caliper gauges,
    • dial gauges,
    • curve gauges.

We guarantee high quality and accuracy of our tools in tolerance to 0,01mm, short terms of performance and competitive prices.